Possible Exoplanet Colonies of the 24th Century
Exoplanet Application Quiz Candidate Colonies

Over the years, GAILE has developed metrics for assessing the probability that individuals will be matched with their first choice of a new home elsewhere in the galaxy. The Exoplanet Application Quiz below provides that screening assessment for the eight earth-like exoplanets that are open to emigrants from Earth.

GAILE seeks to balance the needs of each of the habitable exoplanets with the desires of aspiring settlers. The formal application and selection process therefore is complex and demanding. Only committed individuals should embark upon the formal application process.

The formal selection process does not use your Quiz data. Your results will not influence the decision on any formal application. It is therefore in an applicant’s best interest to answer all questions as accurately and honestly as possible. Failure to do so will only distort the estimated probabilities and give the applicant a false assessment of his or her chances. There are no right or wrong answers.

Some applicants are judged to have a low probability of selection due to the openings and schedules available for their most-desired settlement choices. Personnel needs vary over time. However, anyone who receives low odds of selection may submit another application at any time with different choices. You may retake the Exoplanet Application Quiz as many times as you wish.

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