In 2376 eight earth-like exoplanets are being colonized by Earth citizens through a program managed by GAIL Earth Branch (GAILE). Prospective emigrants can get answers to the most frequently asked questions from a manual called the Handbook for Space Pioneers.

The handbook can be accessed online for free at For a nominal fee a Kindle e-book or hardcopy can be purchased. Click this link for details. A small sample of exoplanets FAQ and answers follow. Click on links below for more information about subjects that interest you.

How many Earth-Like Exoplanets have been discovered?

Thousands of exoplanets have been discovered, but at this time only eight human-habitable exoplanets have been approved for settlement. Thorough descriptions of the state of development can be found for each planet in the handbook. For an image of each exoplanet’s view from space and an overview of their state of development click here.

If selected how do I get to the exoplanets?

GAILE utilizes a fleet of modern starships specifically engineered to transport emigrants to the habitable exoplanets. Ship spires provide comfortable living quarters aboard ship and on the destination planet. For more information on starships and transportation click here.

Who can I take with me?

You may be able to take your closest friends and relatives if they can pass the formal selection process. For more details on the selection process click here.

How long will it take to get there?

FTL travel affords emigrants the opportunity to reach habitable exoplanets in reasonable amounts of time. Depending upon your destination planet and GAILE travel logistics your time in route can be as short as 2 months of earth time. Click here for more information on space travel.