GAILE Responsibility and Authority

The Galactic Association of Intelligent Life (GAIL) is a voluntary association of intelligent and scientifically advanced species formed to promote the exchange of information between their civilizations and the orderly and peaceful exploration and colonization of space. GAIL Earth Branch (GAILE) is in charge of cataloging habitable exoplanets suitable for the human Exoplanet Pioneering Program. Candidate exoplanets must have abundant water, a breathable atmosphere, temperate climates and other characteristics similar to Earth.

GAILE also is responsible for the selection of human candidates for the Exoplanet Pioneering Program and for the safe transportation to and establishment of settlements on the new planets. GAILE’s goal is that new exoplanet colonies thrive, not just survive. For more information about GAILE and the pioneering program refer to the Handbook for Space Pioneers or Per Aspera Ad Astra.